April 6, 2021:

The Alberta Government has updated their current restrictions, effective April 7 we will be moving back to Step 1 of the Path Forward. General workouts will not be permitted, 1 on 1 workouts with a trainer IS permitted only.

For information about 1 on 1 workouts please send us an email and we'll be happy to assist you.

Be sure to follow us on social media for important updates including information on when we will reopen for business.

Please remember that we will get through this, it is important in times like these to stay as positive as we can and to look towards a positive outcome for the future. We want more than anything to be able to continue to provide you with the facility and programs you have become accustomed to once this situation settles down and we are able to get back to more normalcy in our lives.




1. Choose to support us and maintain your membership ensuring that we will be able to open again in the future.

* Please note: for the members who choose to keep their membership active, your support will not go unnoticed.


2. Freeze your membership and payments until the mandated closure is over, click here

* Please note: your membership will automatically thaw once we are open again for business.

3. We will not be accepting cancel requests after April 6th as neither party can fulfill their contractual obligations to cancel when we are closed. Please freeze your membership until we reopen for business.

We will not be renting out any equipment during the closure, it is important that the integrity of our equipment is maintained.

Be safe, take care everyone and much positive energy being sent to you for good health.

The Team at GoPerformance & Silverback Martial Arts