• Payment processing can take up to 3 business days.

  • Once a freeze request is submitted your membership is no longer active & access will be denied until we reopen. 

  • Your account must be current (no money owing) to freeze your payments or your request will be denied.


  • We have waived the $10/month freeze fee for you.

  • A freeze request must be submitted for each membership. 


  • We cannot accept cancel requests at this time as neither party can fulfill their contractual obligations when cancelling. Please freeze your payments for now and you can submit your notice to cancel when we reopen for business. You will also have the option to extend your freeze for up to 3 months at n/c. 

  • Kids and Adults Martial Arts agreements that are frozen will not have access to our Home Dojo LIVE CLASSES with Sensei Paul that will be offered each week.

  • If you have a paid in full membership (1 month or a full year) please know that we will credit the amount of time we are closed to your membership when we reopen. There is no need to fill out the freeze request form.

  • Your membership and payments will automatically thaw once we are open again for business. It is your responsibility to cancel or extend your freeze at this time. Please follow us on social media and check your email inbox for updates and important information.

Please complete the following fields to freeze your membership and temporarily stop your membership payments while we are closed. 



please remember that your agreement will automatically thaw when we reopen for business

Please note: By submitting a freeze request you are agreeing to all of the terms outlined on the freeze policy form.