Dear Valued Member;

The Alberta Government announced today that - based on the current numbers the province will be moving to Step 2 of A Path Forward, the province's reopening plan.

Effective Wednesday, March 3, 2021 we will be open for business starting at 5am.

To ensure we are complaint and give members the opportunity to social distance 3 meters members will be required to book a time to workout, this is mandatory. Bookings will be done through our member portal which can be found on our website's menu or through our mobile app.

To help make our members a priority we have stopped selling temporary passes to ensure the times available are reserved for our members, the people who are committed to supporting us.



  • Members must prebook their workout time.

  • Low intensity weightlifting, treadmill and elliptical 

  • Masks should be worn at all time in the facility

  • Social distance for 3 meters at all times


  • Equipment must be cleaned before and after each use

  • If you have a cold or are not feeling well STAY HOME

  • Members have a max 15 minutes to exit the building after their scheduled workout.

  • Martial Arts classes will continue on Zoom only for the time being



  • Bookings will consist of 75 minute blocks (75 min maximum to workout) with the exception of the last block at the end of each day which will be 90 minute blocks (90 minutes to workout)

  • Members have 15 minutes to exit the building after their scheduled workout.

  • Members who do not leave the club in a timely fashion after their workout risk having their membership terminated

  • 30 bookings will be available for each time

  • Pre-booking will be allowed for up to 5 days in advance

  • Booking more than 1 workout in a day is not permitted, all workouts will be deleted for the day if there are multiple bookings.


  • There will be a wait list of up to 5 people for each block should someone cancel their booking

  • Bookings can be canceled up to 2 hours before the scheduled time

  • If someone cancels and you are on the waitlist you will receive an email notifying you that there is a spot available for you

  • Members who book a workout and don't show up and don't cancel a minimum of 2 hours prior to their scheduled time will automatically be charged a $10 cancelation fee, no exceptions

  • All booking must be made through our member portal, staff cannot book an appointment for you by calling in. If you require assistance logging in to the member portal please email us at

  • Members are not permitted to enter the building and scan in prior to their scheduled workout.

  • Personal Training clients are not required to book a time.

Thank you for your cooperation