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I believe everyone deserves to live with a strong, balanced and pain free body. Helping people define what fitness means to them is very important to me. Figuring out how to achieve those goals has been my life’s work.


Even though, I have been in this industry for over 15 years, I’m still learning new ways to challenge and strengthen the body.


I take pride in developing programs and strategies that bring clients closer to their goals.

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There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your clients succeed with getting the results they want and smashing the goals they set.


I always bring my passion, love and enthusiasm for the Martial Arts into every session so as long as you are eager to learn, we are going to have a good time.


Whether you are starting training to just get in better shape, or to compete at high levels, I will help you achieve those goals.

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Growing up I have always had a passion for sports through lacrosse, and hockey, while discovering the impact of exercise and nutrition on sport performance. Discovering this allowed me to develop an another passion where I have gained skills and knowledge through completing a Bachelor of Science - Kinesiology, CSCS (Strength & Condition Specialist) and Sports Nutrition.


I enjoy working with those that want to improve their sport performance and quality of life. I believe everyone is an athlete and should use exercise and nutrition as medicine and I will do my best to provide that. Through coaching experience it takes a team effort to push those barriers and help one another to achieve success and results. Whether you are looking to improve your sports or quality of life, I will help you reach your goals and push you beyond what you have envisioned.

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Hi I’m Jen & I believe the epitome of health is movement on a daily basis. Whether it’s a sweat sesh at the gym or a nice leisurely walk around the block - your body will thank you with more energy, a positive mindset & a healthy, pain-free & stronger physique. I love anything to do with fitness & live my life with gratitude for the gift of movement. I love to influence & help others work towards their goals & achieve them because there is no finish line - it’s simply about progress, commitment & lifestyle. Everyone’s fitness & wellness needs are unique & as individual as they are. Let me help you define your goals & achieve success! Let me help you find strength, vitality & anything else that is of importance to your wellbeing.


Some of my hobbies include a daily gym sesh, training for Fitness Competitions, spending quality time with my family, traveling & watching Netflix.

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Personal training is a very exciting career for me. The excitement comes from how much I can give to people in this role. Fitness is a great way for people to take back their body: physically and mentally through movement and mindfulness.  Proper training can give people the opportunity to become part of many other activities that life has to offer.  Through my own fitness journey, I know that a healthy body can help one feel empowered to seek out a life of challenges and adventures.


Fitness and living an active lifestyle is incredibly important to me, it is at the center of my work as well as my personal life. I am constantly evolving and searching for ways to improve myself as a fitness trainer and individual so I can help my clients reach their personal and physical goals.


My passions outside of fitness are horses, squash, golf, hiking and travelling.

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Everyone’s fitness goals are different, and you need a customized training program designed for you. Your complimentary consultation with a certified Personal Trainer helps you discover which training options are best suited to you


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