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Our certified Personal Trainers are here to help you overcome the obstacles that can get in the way of becoming your best self. No matter what your needs or fitness goals are, we have a Personal Trainer and custom Personal Training package that’s right for you.



I believe everyone deserves to live with a strong, balanced and pain free body. Helping people define what fitness means to them is very important to me. Figuring out how to achieve those goals has been my life’s work.


Even though, I have been in this industry for over 15 years, I’m still learning new ways to challenge and strengthen the body.


I take pride in developing programs and strategies that bring clients closer to their goals.

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There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your clients succeed with getting the results they want and smashing the goals they set.


I always bring my passion, love and enthusiasm for the Martial Arts into every session so as long as you are eager to learn, we are going to have a good time.


Whether you are starting training to just get in better shape, or to compete at high levels, I will help you achieve those goals.

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Growing up I have always had a passion for sports through lacrosse, and hockey, while discovering the impact of exercise and nutrition on sport performance. Discovering this allowed me to develop an another passion where I have gained skills and knowledge through completing a Bachelor of Science - Kinesiology, CSCS (Strength & Condition Specialist) and Sports Nutrition.


I enjoy working with those that want to improve their sport performance and quality of life. I believe everyone is an athlete and should use exercise and nutrition as medicine and I will do my best to provide that. Through coaching experience it takes a team effort to push those barriers and help one another to achieve success and results. Whether you are looking to improve your sports or quality of life, I will help you reach your goals and push you beyond what you have envisioned.

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I am a recovering desk jockey who has transitioned from a legal professional to an exercise professional. Years ago, I made the best decision of my life when I began working with my own personal trainer to reclaim my quality of life in seeking relief from ailments that stemmed from prolonged sedentary behaviours. With the guidance and support I received; I improved my overall wellness to reach my best state of fitness. 


I recognize the need to cultivate physical literacy - the ability, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life. When individuals acquire the knowledge and skills to lead healthy and active lives, they promote the welfare of their families and their communities. I view exercise as a gift that keeps on giving!


I aspire to provide others with the opportunity to experience the life enhancing benefits associated with regular physical activity, positive body composition changes and the adoption of healthful behaviours. Through the development and implementation of personalised and research-substantiated programs, I aim to empower people across the lifespan to prioritise exercise that is effective, feasible and enjoyable. 


I am excited to meet you where you are at!

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I am a Muay Thai / Kickboxing and wrestling instructor committed to excellence for those who are willing to do what it takes to meet their personal training goals.

I have an extensive background in wrestling, which I began in middle school in Juneau, Alaska. I carried my love of wrestling with me throughout high school and university, and continued as a wrestler for the US Navy, during my 5 year duty. I have competed in Freestyle, Greco Roman and Folkstyle / Collegiate (NCAA Div. 3)

I developed a keen interest in Muay Thai through travels in Thailand where I spent 6 months of the year (for 6 years) training and fighting. I have had multiple fights in Chiang May, Koh Pang Nga and Phuket training under several elite, world class Muay Thai and Boxing Champions.

I have since chosen to focus my specialized knowledge in Muay Thai, Wrestling and overall athletic performance training on personal coaching for those looking to level up their fighting skills and round out their cross training.

I have a keen ability to identify areas of learning, customize individual areas of learning, customize individualized training regimes, and develop athlete's performance in my given fields.

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Everyone’s fitness goals are different, and you need a customized training program designed for you. Your complimentary consultation with a certified Personal Trainer helps you discover which training options are best suited to you


To book a free consultation with the trainer of your choice please click on the email button under their profile above and send them a message!

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