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Keanna Bourne's Fitness Journey

After learning that I had received an offer from the Canadian Forces for one of only five positions in all of Canada, I knew I was in for a long and difficult road ahead of me. I couldn't depend on any “quick-fixes” or short-term programs in an attempt to whip myself into shape as fast as possible but not attain a solid foundation to grow from. I knew I needed a sustainable, long term, personalized fitness regime that would not only help take my fitness to the next level right now, but also give me the tools to keep myself fit for years to come and maintain the progress I have made. Basic training is only the very beginning of my life-long journey serving my country and doing what I have always dreamed of doing. It is something that requires a constant effort in order to proudly serve Canada. GoPerformance has not only increased my strength, endurance, and confidence, but has also provided me with the ability to build off of everything she has taught me and maintain the progress that I’ve made here with her.

My trainer pushed me to my limits every workout, past the point where I thought I physically couldn’t go any further. Training has not only taken my fitness abilities farther than I thought possible in the amount of time I had with her, but it has also given me the confidence needed to succeed in the all the tests that lie ahead of me.

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