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Krista's Fitness Journey

GoPerformance has helped me reach many of my fitness goals over the last 2 years. I started training because I wanted to learn Olympic lifting techniques and gain strength. Only after help from TeamGo did I feel strong enough to challenge myself and set some goals.

I was never a runner but he worked with me to not only run a 10K but the Rugged Maniac Mud race and a Half Marathon!

I haven't been the easiest client though, I have trained through many injuries... I hurt my ankle playing soccer and cracked my tailbone in a Martial Arts class. TeamGo has never turned down an opportunity to work me out no matter what state my body has been in. I know I'm a constant challenge for them as I continue to change my mind on whats next, but they always have my back, smile, and tell me I can do it!

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